Blair BACKS Boris over Brexit in bombshell moment and urges Labour to FORGET rejoining EU

TONY BLAIR has revealed he supports Prime Minister Boris Johnson on his Brexit plans as the former Labour leader said the party should forget about campaigning to rejoin the EU.

Tony Blair compared himself to Boris Johnson as he noted the Tory Prime Minister is doing Brexit “right”. The former Labour Prime Minister explained the Labour Party could have stopped Brexit if it was a “serious Opposition”. Speaking at King’s College London, Mr Blair said: “On the Brexit side of things I am really willing to listen to both sides of the argument. I am willing to really listen to what people are saying about it.

“I think in a curious way Boris Johnson and I have the same position which is I don’t think you can ever unite the country over Brexit.

“You can unite them after Brexit.

“If we had stopped Brexit which I think we could have done if we had a serious Opposition, you would immediately then have to deal with all the problems that arose from Brexit.


Tony Blair

Tony Blair has confirmed he supports PM Boris Johnson on his Brexit plans (Image: PA)

Tony Blair

Tony Blair compared himself to Boris Johnson as he noted the Tory PM is doing Brexit “right” (Image: King’s College London)

“You would have had to take a whole series of measures to make sure you were pulling those people back towards having in a sense alienated them by not doing Brexit.

“I think what Boris Johnson is doing is wrapping it around the other way.

“He’s going to do Brexit and reach out to all these northern places and try and keep those Brexit people with them.”

Mr Blair added there was no going back on Brexit now.

Asked if Labour should campaign to rejoin the EU he said: “No, you just can’t I’m afraid. Long term, who knows.”

He went on to snub Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the party.

Tony Blair

Tony Blair explained the Labour could have stopped Brexit if it was a “serious Opposition” 

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Mr Blair said: “The thing with the Labour Party is it has to understand its own history.

“It’s never won when it’s been on the far left, never.”

The former Prime Minister went on to explain what turns voters off.

He said: “Nowadays an attachment to a form of state power, I just don’t think people believe in it in today’s world.”

Brexit timeline

Brexit timeline (Image: EXPRESS)

Mr Blair lashed out further Mr Corbyn as he warned the Labour Party will have to shift from its left-dominated position and adopt a “radical” form of politics for the 21st century or face a decade out of power.

The former Prime Minister said: “The problem is that we have defined radical politics by a policy agenda which is hopelessly out of date, with ‘moderate’ politics being just a milder version of it.

“We must redefine what radical means. We’re living through a technology revolution which is the 21st century equivalent of the 19th century Industrial Revolution.

“It will change everything and therefore everything should change including the radical reorientation of government.”

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